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Blue My Socks Out of My DBs!

acdc melbourne concert

The above is from the Melbourne concert, which I attended with my friend Texta a few weeks ago.
More photos from the gig (which was absolutely phenomenal) here.

The following email comes from my old mate Simmo, who was always good for a hot tip during the secretive construction period of the Bon Scott Bronze statue. Here you can see me and Simmo at the Statue celebration concert in Perth back in Feb 2008:

simmo and me

Hi Lucas
Hope a fan like you caught the greattest gig in the world ? The Black Ice AC /DC tour , Well let me say it blue my socks out of my DBs !!! Sat ,Night in Perth and the guys turned it on and they played High Voltage as a tribute to Bon and his finnal resting place Freo.I believe that it has not been played for over 30 years live, but I am here to be corrected .There where pictures of Bon Flashing across the screens and more fists held up in salute than any other song played that night ! Yes I was looking and I was sober and straight as I lost all my money , it fell out of my pocket.
I scanned the top of the stadiums later on the night looking for a soul piper to belt out Its along way to the top , but as i right this nowI believe it will be played to night by a 36 piece Pipe band that Bon used to play with , Perth being there last Aussie, gig and the guys being who they are , will entertain and remember and surprise . and it sucks that I am not their again
Rock In Peace

Onya Simmo!! …anyone else have concert reports or pictures they wanna share from the Aussie tour?

Deb at the Bus Stop Disco

valentines signed card

The following message from Deb came through to the Bon Scott Blog mailbag recently:

From: Deb
Subject: Bon Scott Photo – rare…

Hello fellow Bon Scott fan,

I just saw your Blog today. It is a fun site. I have a rare signed photo from Bon Scott when he was in the band The Valentines. He played at my father’s disco in Newcastle in 1969 (The Bus Stop) and signed the photo for me – “To Debbie, Your Valentine, Bon xxxx”.

It is an original black and white fan club photo and I am thinking about selling it because I am going on an around the world holiday. I am selling off all my possessions because I don’t know when I will be back. Do you know anybody that may be interested in buying the photo? I can send a scanned picture of it thru if required.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


Here was my reply:

Hi Deb

Well, if you like, we can feature the photo and your story on the blog? Then people could get in touch with you directly if they wanted to buy it (or, if you like, they could contact me and I can pass their details to you).

It makes a great story! I’d love to hear more about THE BUS STOP! How interesting to grow up with a father who ran a disco! How old were you when you met Bon?

And where will you travel on your big trip?
Lucas from Bon Scott Blog

finally, Deb’s reply, with a great story about her Dad’s Disco…

Hi Lucas!

Gosh…thanks for the reply! I am going to send through a scanned copy of the photo and you can tell me what you think.

I would be happy for you to feature it on your Blog…I think people would really enjoy the story.

My Dad owned The Bus Stop Disco for several years in the late 60’s. All the big bands played there. They mostly used to stay at our house because there was not a lot of money back then. Mum used to cook them dinner and I have vivid memories of sitting around the dinner table with all sorts of celebrities.

I was 13 years old when The Valentines played at Dad’s disco. Dad is still alive and I am going to get some more details off him and get back to you. I will write a blurb about that time and send it to you.

I think this photo would look fantastic framed with some other Valentines memorabilla. I think that would really increase it’s value. I am not sure what my photo would be worth. I would love it to go to a dedicated fan who would appreciate it.

You will notice one of the faces has been coloured in with green texta. You can thank for 5 year old sister at the time for that. I am sure that with the modern technology today that somebody would be able to repair it.

Anyway…let me know what you think. Kind Regards. Deb.

[I personally LOVE the green texta scribbled on the photo… Cheers, Lucas]