Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Bill Leak’s Portrait of Bon

bill leak portrait of bon scott

Aussie painter Bill Leak has a series about painting dead famous Australians. This week, he did Bon Scott. You can see the ABC website about the series here, and I’ve uploaded the video (26min, 90mb) here. Enjoy!

Slow Leak…

bill leak To the literally dozens of people who sent me email and text message heads-up about the “Bill Leak Paints Bon” show on ABC TV tonight, a thousand thanks! It’s great to know you’re all looking out for me!

But you know what? I turned on the telly at five to eight, and there was no reception. Sigh. Something’s wrong with the antenna, but I can’t work it out. I tried the thing with the coat hanger connected to the back of the TV but to no avail. (It’s been years since I cared enough about a TV programme to do that!)

So I’ve been hanging out waiting for the ABC to vodcast it, but it’s still not on their site yet.

Anyone watch it and have any thoughts, while I continue waiting?