TV spot on Phillip Morris photo show

The video above appeared in my letter box last week! It’s a short TV feature on Phillip Morris, the photographer who was lucky enough to hang out with AC/DC in the 1970s, and who had an amazing exhibition in Sydney recently.

More info about the exhibition here, which was held at the Blender Gallery.

Enjoy! (the volume seems a little low on my system – it’s not a fault, just how the video came to me! I’ve also posted it on youtube here…)

(Thanks to Jon from AC/DC news for reminding me to link to Phillip Morris’ own website!)

2 Responses to “TV spot on Phillip Morris photo show”

  • Phillip Morris was fortunate indeed! If I see a ga-zillion pics from Bon’s early days with AC/DC it will never be enough, and these are some of the best. I noticed a few from his Fraternity days, too (Bon in those shorts holding his ball)! MMMMMMMM yeah!

  • Carolyn, you’re still reading my mind. I’ll never tire of looking at pictures and video clips of Bon! MMMMMMMMM Yeaaah!!!

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