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[fans pose for Bec at the Billy Weston Pool Hall. Click on the image to see a bigger size…]

To say a big THANKS to all the fans we have met, photographed, or written about, photographer Bec Dagnall and I are putting on a slideshow night at the Billy Weston Pool Hall in Scarborough.

Bec and I have taken hundreds of shots during our time working on the Bon Scott Project. Only a small amount of them can be featured in the exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre, so we decided to bung ’em all on a DVD and beam them up on the big screen!


It’ll be a meeting of the tribes…

The details:

The Slides: running from 8pm onwards (but you can show up earlier to have drinks, the pool hall is open all day!) If you have more pictures you’d like to include in the show, email them to me [] or bring along a CD with them on the night! The whole thing will be really informal, we’ll just have the pictures on a loop, no need to sit down and politely clap or anything. But hooting, cheering, and the shouting of drinks are of course most welcome!

The Drinks: Danny from Billy Weston is providing special priced drinks!

The Address:
Billy Weston Pool and Snooker
64 Scarborough Beach Rd
(08) 9245-3939

Bec will have her snazzy camera on hand, so if you haven’t had your special Bon Scott photoshoot yet, maybe now is the time. To arrange it, call her on 0404973126 or just show up in your finest Bon regalia.

Here Come the Artists!

eli smith with his painting

With less than three weeks to go til the Bon Scott Project Exhibition, the artists in the show are applying the finishing touches to their artworks. On Friday, Jasmin and I jumped in the car and headed out to the suburbs to meet Eli Smith. Eli is working on an oil painting of Bon. In the picture above, you can see Eli testing out an ornate gold frame for the piece.
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Epic Rock

lord of the rings pic

You know how when you read an epic book, you sort of “re-live it” in your day to day life? I mean, lets say for example you’ve got The Lord of The Rings. The hobbits are making their way through the Mines of Moria, and you’re so damn absorbed you’ve lost all track of time. Then you look up for a moment, and reluctantly admit that you have to put down the book and go to work. But all day, even though you’re separated from the book, there is a “reality” in your own mind created by the “current goings-on” in the plot. You might be photocopying some documents, or pressing the “kerching!” button on the cash register, but in your head, you’re right there with those feisty little hobbits as they press ever-deeper into the bowels of that perilous mountain.

Well, I don’t want to blow this all out of proportion, but something similar has happened to me with AC/DC: Maximum Rock and Roll, by Murray Engleheart.
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Guest blogger chimes in!

Simon Meli with Lizzie
[Simon Meli with Lizzie at the Bon Scott Tribute Night]

I’ve been in Western Australia for the last week, so I missed out on the Sydney Bon Scott Tribute Night at the Vanguard Hotel.

But my roving reporters Lizzie and Jessie bravely went along on my behalf! Lizzie even had the guts to request a performance of She’s Got the Jack, a song she originally thought was just plain silly. Well, she still thinks it’s silly, it’s just that she can’t stop humming it now.

You can read Lizzie’s entertaining report on her night out with Bon here.

Oh, and if you wanted MORE REVEALING photos of the Bon Scott Blogger’s alter-ego, “The Lightning Rod”, in action at the WA Air Guitar Championships, Sally has kindly sent some in!

Foo Fighters Visit Bon Scott’s Grave

foo fighters news clipping
[Clipping from West Australian Newspaper, 24 April 2008]

News just in: Dave Grohl From the Foo Fighters, recently in Western Australia, rode a Harley Davidson and made the pilgrimage to Bon’s grave.

(Click on the photo above to see a larger version…)

Bon Scott Blog Highlights

bon scott highlights

If you’ve only just tuned in, the Bon Scott Blog might seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you find what you’re looking for? Which are the best bits?

So I’ve created this here HIGHLIGHTS page to help you navigate your way through the project with ease! A Readers’ Digest version, if you will…

(You can also find the HIGHLIGHTS by clicking the button in the menu bar at the top of the blog, just underneath the little Bon Scott Lego Man).

Or if you want the FULL BLOG CONTENTS list, check out this page

Happy reading!

yours fanfully
The Bon Scott Blogger


Seven lean years are coming to an end. AC/DC have just emerged blinking into the light from their studio in Vancouver, having recorded a new album. It’s being “mixed” as we speak, and will be released sometime later this year. It’s the first new album by the band since Stiff Upper Lip in 2000.

When this was announced in the AC/DC News blog, all hell broke loose. Fans couldn’t hit their keyboards fast enough.

But even more exciting, it seems, was the announcement of a major world tour following the release of the album.

My favourite response was this one, from “Deeter”:

For the love of GOD !!!! I have been hoping and praying this was finally it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m making a promise to see at least two shows. One probably in my hometown in SF Bay Area . And Seattle with family and FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK , I just might have to keep going ………

This health problem just sucks , but this will get me out of the house if they have to wheel me there ;-)))))))))

This is just like a kid in the candy store ……. MORE MORE MORE, My belly hurts , throw up , MORE MORE MORE ,,,, repeat ,repeat repeat repeat

I might even throw a overseas venue in . IT could literally be the last time . I will have tears rolling at the end of that show :-))))) I think it might have happened before :-/ ly

It really sucks not being able to drink a few beers ………….. FUCK IT it’s AC/DC I will at least have a couple . But none until
;-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((\(((((COLD BEER !!!!!!!!!!!! Shit warm beer ;-)))))


Bless the boys and don’t let anything bad happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knock on wood ……

3 month test results in , should find out any day . I have been clear so far

It should be fun getting all my prescriptions past security :-)))) Just kidding ….

I hope they do a lot of old stuff, I was just watching youtube , Brian doing a bunch of powerage stuff . They know we want it . Wait a 4 hour show , that would do it ;-))))))))))))))))))


Thanks for the confirmation .


(Thanks to Deeter for permission to reproduce his passionate message here…)

The Lightning Rod Strikes Northbridge

The Reverend Billie Damage rocks out at the Deen
[The Reverend Billie Damage rocks out at the WA Air Guitar Championships…]

Last Friday night, I was a guest judge of the W.A. Air Guitar Championships.

Yes, that’s right. As unlikely as it might seem, your mild-mannered, glasses-wearing, gangly reporter was flown across the continent to adjudicate the finest air guitarists on the west-coast.
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Bon Bon Media Frenzy!

An article has come out in an Australian art magazine about the Bon Scott Project, which describes my blog pretty well, I reckon:

One strand of that conversation has been realised in artist Lucas Ihlein’s popular Bon Scott Blog. Ihlein writes in his introduction, “Lucas was not a fan of AC/DC. You can read about his process of immersion! He is meeting fans, visiting cemeteries, chasing up Bon’s old friends and lovers, attending concerts, and listening to a lot of heavy rock. It’s a fascinating read. A good starting point is Ihlein’s account of his visit to the Fremantle Cemetery where there’s a humble memorial plaque for Scott, a missing heritage plaque and a steady flow of intriguing pilgrims, including Ben Scott, the alleged love child of the singer. The responses to this entry reveal the wide range of people The Bon Scott Project is engaging.

The article also describes some of the artworks which will be in the Bon Scott Exhibition in May. And there is a photo of me with the statue – that photo was taken by Perth superfan Simmo! You can read the whole article in Realtime Magazine here.

Also, thanks to this article in, I’ve had a spike in visitors to the site in the last week. The Undercover story was mirrored all over the place, notably in Sleaze Roxx, the Ultimate AC/DC Blog, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles,, and of course our good friends over at AC/DC News.
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Long Way to the Top Polka Band

polka band article
[14 November, 2007, West Australian Newspaper, for larger size click here.]

Last November, the above article appeared in the West Australian Newspaper. As a promotional stunt for the Bon Scott Project, the Dolomiten Polka band jigged It’s a Long Way to the Top (If you wanna rock and roll) while trundling through the streets of Freo on a flatbed truck. It has now come to my attention that a small video documenting this historic performance is now available online! And here it is: