I Touched his Hand

me with vicki and janine
[The author in his Bon-Crotch singlet with fans Vicki and Janine…]

By now I was full of bourbon and coke, and busting for the loo, so we walked back to the pavilion. But half way there, it was my turn to be accosted. Two nice ladies, Vicki and Janine, spotted Hana’s drawing of Bon Scott’s crotch on my singlet and they wanted a closer look. Back in the seventies they used to go out together to see bands around Perth. “Once,” Vicki said, “at a concert, I actually touched Bon’s hand.”

Mish asked what it was about Bon that made him so appealing, so intriguing. “Everything about him – the whole package. He was sexy, cheeky. He had great stage presence,” Vicki said.

I asked if they still listen to AC/DC these days. “Oh, not much, any more. Mainly just the top 40, you know, on the radio and stuff,” Janine says.

Janine and Vicki have known each other since they were six months old…

6 Responses to “I Touched his Hand”

  • Love the Bon Scott singlet – sure fire way to meet the ladies, but does it also come in wife-beater blue?

  • Dear S
    yes, the singlet will be issued in various shades of wife-beater. Watch this space, and get your paypal account ready!

  • I read all these posts and its wasn’t for a couple of days later that I worked out what was weird about your outfit. Your wearing black jeans. Did you buy them especially so you could merge with the crowd and the fans? Will you claim them as a tax deduction as a performance prop?

  • Thanks for your keen eye, birdmonkey. I realise I am not very rock, but I DO own a pair of black jeans! They are very useful and comfortable and I actually wear them quite a lot. However, the thongs I wore to the concert were specially purchased. Black jeans and thongs, now that is a look…

  • can’t say when I think of the “gizz” of Lucas its “black jeans” let alone “black jeans and thongs”. I would have gone with flares and other low waisted girls jeans. Although I fondly remember the “think white duke”- slim cut blacks pants, and I guess there would have been a pair of black Levis 501’s in there circa 1999. but certainly not recently. must be new western aust sub species.

  • hola lucas tanto tiempo como siempre te digo saludos desde argentina feliz cumple bon scott

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